Chef Zachary Bruell, Parallax restaurateur and founder of the pioneering restaurant Z Contemporary Cuisine, has launched his biggest project to date – Table 45.

The 6,000-square-foot restaurant and lounge was designed by nationally acclaimed architect and Z designer, Bill Blunden, who calls the new space a work of pure essentialism.

As a culinary pioneer in the 1980s, Bruell was the first Clevelander to introduce Northeast Ohio to California fusion cuisine set to a Bauhaus backdrop. Today, he again is pushing the envelope with an entirely new concept called World Cuisine – a cross-cultural blend of cooking techniques that combines various styles, cultures and ingredients from North Africa, South America, Europe and Asia.

Each of the restaurant’s five zones is designed for different moods, from quiet and intimate to casual and high energy. Bruell and Blunden intended the various spaces to highlight the energy of the people, including an emerging trend toward casual elegance, where guests can experience high-end dining without the formality of traditional restaurants.

Other unique features include a private chef’s table in the main kitchen, a separate and open show kitchen in the center of the dining room with a Tandoor oven and a bar within a bar separated by sandblasted glass enclosures.